Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Someone You Should Know" Harry Porterfield and crew payed your's truly a visit.

Between the long mid-west winter and rotator cuff surgery I haven't posted in a while. However, the public relations angel payed me a visit a few weeks ago in the form of channel 2's award winning journalist, Harry Porterfield paying me a visit. Mr. Porterfield produces a segment on WBBM Chicago called, Someone You Should Know.  It did feel a little odd being on this end of the camera.

                    That's Camera man Mike, Harry Porterfield and me talking car videos.

                                           Maybe I should have kept my hat on my head.

   Mike, Harry and myself enjoying some video of the Downers Grove Friday Night Car Show

And this is the final result of that visit. It appeared on Friday the Third and on Monday the Sixth of April.
                 VIDEO From WBBM Chicago- Someone You Should KnowAlmost the big time... VIDEO
Almost the big time.... 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Leather Post Card from 1906

This is something I never knew existed. I guess leather post cards were all the rage a century ago. I'm guessing from this card that a fellow named Harry, way back in the summer of 1906 had a bit of a falling out with his girl friend Bertha. If you have a different slant on this please let us know what it is.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Winter can't be far away. Somehow all I can think about is, "Greetings From Downers Grove".

The stamped, "Greetings", announcement on this card is similar to that on earlier uploaded card.
Is it my imagination or does there seem to be a bit of poison in this greeting.

There have been other cards proclaiming the virtues of living in Downers Grove.

I really prefer card with a message on them but sometimes one just can't be picky. I actually did marry a girl from Downers Grove.


                                           There's nothing on the back of this card either.

I can't seem to be able to read cursive anymore. Are there any translators out there!!???

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jiffy Remedies or Dr. Scholls What ever happened to Jiffy Remedies? Downers Grove

Maybe when I go to the drug store Jiffy Remedies is still there but difficult to find. When I started collecting this stuff I assumed that Jiffy was long gone. I'm probably right but I could be wrong.
I think that this product is way passed it's expiration date mainly because there is no printed expiration date.
                                         Did Dr. Scholls walk all over Jiffy Remedies?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Damn, did I get lucky or what!!??? Downers Grove

I've been searching eBay for years looking for Downers Grove stuff, junk, memorabilia, junk. I have never come across this license plate frame before. Can this be the only one in the world? Can it be the treasure I think it is??
I can't begin to imagine all the uses that there are for a prize like this,,, besides going on the front of a car.
I already have a few of these. Their role is to be fixed to the top of a license plate frame. In this instance that would be redundant.


Monday, June 30, 2014

Rotaryfest or is it Rotary Fest or is it? The Downers Grove Carnival!

Rotary Fest is over for this year. It is walking distance so I always spend some time there. It is difficult to get much done in town that week end so one might as well go to Rotaryfest. I did take a few pictures.
I did spend 10 Dollars for Alligator on a stick. It was dry, too salty and in my opinion over priced. Speaking of prices why aren't prices posted?
                                              "The Heart Attack", fair warning.

                                          I always enjoy the car show. It's free to see.

If you get to the car show in the morning it is usually not hot yet. Car shows like this can be brutal in the sun.

After I saw what there was to see at the car show I walked through the ride section of Rotary Fest and caught a glimpse of the carnies getting their instructions and pep talk for the day.
The Ring of Fire is one of the scarier rides and I thought I would take a closer look at it.

You will never get me on that thing. I have flown in a number of vintage aircraft but you will never get me on that thing.

The ride is held up with strong wire, chains and binders. Those are the red things attached to the chain. I spent a few summers as a truck driver when I was going to school and this is not the way we set the binders.This is a video on the use of the binders. Pay close attention to what he says about making the bind more secure. 

Normally to make the binders more secure the chain is wrapped around the handle to keep it tight and to avoid any possibility of the binder popping open. When the ride is in operation these wires, chains and binders do a bit of vibrating and shaking.

After bringing this to the attention of the RotaryFest people the binders were wrapped in chain.  In what manner was this ride checked for safe operation?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Cloverleaf Dairy clip board with a calendar. It still works! No batteries needed!! Downers Grove

           Today is June 1 and the calendar from 1950 is right on. It needs no batteries!